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Transition to E-Learning Format Underway at CREC Headquarters

September 15, 2011

September 13th marked a milestone shift in how CREC partner, the Council for Community and Economic Development (C2ER), will deliver many of its future trainings.

“We are always looking to how we can best serve our clients across the country,” CREC CEO Ken Poole noted.  “Especially this past year, many of our fellow researchers are telling us that for training – facing budget cuts that prohibit travel, and ever more demanding schedules – they would love to have access to content available, 24/7, over the web.  So, we are responding, and evolving with the marketplace.”

CREC is supporting C2ER’s efforts to “digitize” and record many of its training modules, so that C2ER members can easily access them as their schedules allow.

Jason Parry, President of Parry Consulting Services and Market Research Team Leader for GrowFL, was the first to enter CREC’s new e-learning studio to record a digital training on “Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Fundamentals.”  The two-and-a-half hour session, set up by CREC staff, and captured in Adobe Captivate, will be made available to C2ER members in the months ahead.

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