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Ken Poole featured in Civic Caucus Interview Series

June 10, 2014

CREC Co-Founder and Persident Ken Poole sat down with Civic Caucus to outline his view of where economic development is currently and where it’s going.

In the interview, Pools argues that to improve a state’s competitive standing, economic development efforts should stress growing existing businesses within the state over enticing out-of-state businesses to relocate. He contends that incentives encouraging businesses to move into the state are effective only when a new location is inherently more efficient for the relocating company or when the state has made a substantial strategic choice to emphasize an entire industry “cluster”, not just a single business. He encourages states to focus on their “core competencies” to spur economic growth from within.

The Civic Caucus is a non-partisan organization offering a new model for examining issues in Minnesota government, politics, and civic life.