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C2ER/LMI Institute Delivers Training in Denver, Colorado

February 25, 2015

Haden Springer joined by instructors, Patty Silverstein and Justin Wehner, traveled to Denver, Colo., to deliver LMI Institute Basic Analyst Training.

Patty Silverstein is President and Chief Economist of economic research firm, Development Research Partners, in Littleton, Colorado.

Justin Wehner is a Research Program Specialist within the Labor Market Information Division of the Employment Development Department in Sacramento, California.

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Labor Market Information Institute Staff Support
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CREC provides staff and management support to the Labor Market Information (LMI) Institute. CREC also regularly organizes the LMI Institute Annual Forum, which brings together labor market researchers, policy-makers, and data users from across the country annually.

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The Labor Market Information Institute is the pre-eminent resource for supporting the development, interpretation, and use of labor market information.