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CREC Finalizes Lakeshore Industry Cluster Initiative in Lakeshore, Wisconsin

December 31, 2015

Martin Romitti and Erik Pages, of Entreworks Consulting, supported by Sarah Gutschow, William Cook, and Randall Arthur finalized the Lakeshore Industry Cluster Initiative for the Lakshore region in Northeastern Wisconsin.

The Initiative features an interactive Lakeshore Manufacturing  Directory and Supply Chain Networking Maps illustrating the supply chain of the region’s cheese; plastic products; cutlery, utensils, ports, and pans; and metal fabrication/machine shop manufacturing base.

To view the Lakeshore Manufacturing Directory and Supply Chain Networking Maps, click here.

The Lakeshore Industry Cluster Initiative was coordinated by Progress Lakeshore, Lakeshore and Northeastern Wisconsin Technical Colleges in partnership with Sheboygan, Kewaunee, Calumet, Door County Economic Development Corporations, also known as New North Inc.