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CREC Internship Profile: Lakeisha Skinner

July 24, 2018

Each year, the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) hires a number of interns who help the organization during the busy summer period. Each is offered an opportunity to learn how the organization helps municipalities, states, and regions respond to changes in local job markets; and CREC specifically works with undergraduate and graduate students who need academic credit. Most internships attract students who major in economics, public policy / administration, urban planning, and governmental affairs. As part of a series on student learning, CREC looks back on conversations with interns who discussed their passion for helping regional competitiveness.

Intern name: Lakeisha Skinner
Program of Study: B.A. in Political Science and History
School: The University of Alabama

1. What brought you to CREC?

After realizing I was not as passionate about ‘politics’, I turned to policy and research. I wanted to get my foot in the door because I have also realized that economic policy ties most policy issues together, especially workforce development policy. I was looking through different policy and research opportunities and happened to land upon CREC.

2. What professional passions have you been able to further grow while interning at CREC?

Professional passions I have been able to further grow since being at CREC are learning different methods of research, how to do thorough research, understanding how to analyze large data sets, learning how to manage a large database, and wanting to get more involved with different aspects of policy and to influence it.

3. What are you currently working on?

I am working on the MEDC project to assist in research and analytics, updating and editing the State Incentives Database, and working on a couple of projects under DDAA. I also assist with other projects from other team members as needed.

4. Who are you working with?

I am currently working with Jaleel Reed, Mereb Hagos, Brendan Buff, and Ellen Harpel.

5. What have you learned [about your assigned projects]?

I have learned the purpose of development districts and how they help bring economic development in their districts, and how incentives influence workforce development with different companies in states that may allocate them.

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