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Request for Qualifications: Policy Academy Facilitation

March 21, 2023

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Updated March 23, 2023

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) is requesting proposals from interested parties to serve as a facilitator for team discussions in a Policy Academy over a period of ten months – April 1 to January 31. The selected facilitators will lead a core team (4 members) and a home team (up to 10 members) made up of state and regional (Economic Development District) representatives from a single state to drive strategic and programmatic alignment between the participating entities. CREC is seeking the services of two facilitators through this request for proposal (RFP).


The Policy Academy process is a collaborative learning environment in which teams from a state come together to work on a problem with external facilitation support. The Academy is an opportunity for states, economic development districts and other key stakeholders to drive strategic alignment and improve respective returns on investment (ROI) with enhanced economic development outcomes and overall higher economic performance.

The teams work at their own pace with a facilitator and with teams from other states going through the same process, learning from peers and experts. Participants come together to examine state/local relationship opportunities, educate stakeholders on the value of strategic alignment, and receive technical assistance.

To achieve this performance level, the facilitator will work with a state’s team to customize the Policy Academy process for a state’s team and develop proposed outcomes that build upon current efforts by:

  • Generating ideas about how to improve the impact of your existing collaborative approaches,
  • Providing access to national subject matter experts; and,
  • Creating a mechanism to deliberate on ideas with peers from other states.

The engagement will be multi-faceted with the facilitator leading several in-person and virtual meetings:

  • Two in-person meetings in Arlington, VA and one virtual meeting with peers from other states and regions;
  • Two site visits and occasional virtual visits to coordinate planning initiatives;
  • Monthly facilitator conference calls with all team leaders to discuss progress and opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences; and
  • Ongoing technical assistance such as webinars, consultations, and background research.

Each facilitator will complete preparation materials, work with CREC to provide technical assistance and research, and lead the in-person and virtual meetings. The expected time commitment is 125 – 150 hours over the ten-month period noted above

Required Expertise

Facilitators should have comprehensive understanding of state and local economic development and a demonstrated ability to bring together diverse clients and policymakers. Knowledge of economic development trends and related issues is important to provide context to the Academy.  Demonstrated skills in research and technical assistance are also fundamental to the role. Proven expertise in leadership, training and facilitation is essential for Academy success.

Proposal Scoring

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria as demonstrated in submitted materials:

  • Comprehensive understanding of state and local economic development,
  • Ability to bring together diverse clients and policymakers,
  • Knowledge of economic development trends and related issues,
  • Understanding of and experience with state and regional economic development planning, with emphasis on EDA-supported Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies,
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the role EDA plays with the EDDs (see for additional background),
  • Experience in economic development research and technical assistance,
  • Ability to lead, train and facilitate diverse policy leaders at the state and regional level, and
  • Fee schedule.


Interested individuals should submit a: (1) suggested scope of work, (2) statement of qualifications, (3) fee schedule, and (4) statement of interest to Bob Isaacson at by 5:00 pm (ET) on April 7, 2023. Written questions will be accepted if submitted to by March 31, 2023.


Download PDF Copy of RFQ