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The best policies are based on data-driven research, using engaged, diverse stakeholders and by fostering thought that motivates people to think regionally. It is a process that CREC has done successfully since 2009, and it has helped expand our client base and grow communities. Clients vary from single municipalities and private-sector firms:

• Cities • Think tanks
• States • National organizations

Client Profile

The Workforce Information Council

The Workforce Information Council (WIC) helps guide the development and improvement of the nationwide workforce and labor market information system. This system provides information on labor market trends and conditions, job outlook and wages, skill requirements of jobs, and a wide variety of other information that helps customers make decisions about their businesses, careers, training, and job search.


Project Catalogue

Workforce Information Council’s Skills Initiative
Start Date: Jan 2015 — End Date: Dec 2015

CREC staff provided research and technical assistance to the Workforce Information Council’s Skills Initiative.  This project will obtain a baseline assessment of the efforts engaged in by state LMI agencies in providing skills data to a variety of customer groups and the views of state LMI Directors about the current and future importance of providing […]

LMI Director’s Town Hall Meeting
Start Date: Jan 2014 — End Date: Dec 2014

The LMI Institute supported the LMI Directors’ Town Hall Meeting by developing the agenda and curriculum, delivering and facilitating the meeting, providing a meeting evaluation form, administering a follow-up survey, and producing a summary report.  The Institute conducted the LMI Directors’ Town Hall Meeting at the BLS National LMI Conference in May 2014. The Institute […]

Gaining Better Understanding of Customers’ LMI Needs through Key Customer Focus Groups
Start Date: Apr 2013 — End Date: Sep 2014

Building upon work previously conducted to complete the report LMI Customers and Their Needs: Customer-Oriented LMI Product Innovation, CREC, on behalf of the LMI Institute, will continue its work with the Customer Consultation Study Group of the Workforce Information Council.

Project Updates

Labor Market Information Institute Releases Workforce Skills Initiative Report
October 26, 2015

The Labor Market Information Institute (LMI), a CREC managed network, is excited to release the Workforce Information Council Skills Initiative Summary Report. The report entails feedback from both the Skills Initiative Survey of labor-market information directors and the National Skills Convening on June 22, 2015. Also, the report highlights next steps for creating a more accurate set of skills […]

CREC Attends WIC Meeting in Washington, D.C.
February 26, 2015

Ron Kelly attended the Workforce Information Council meeting at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington D.C. There, he provided updates on the LMI Institute and Council for Community and Economic Research.