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Project Profile

Analyzing the Supply Chain and Value System of Charlotte Manfacturing

Centralina Regional Council
Start Date: Nov 2014 — End Date: Feb 2015

CREC mapped key manufacturing value chains for the 16-county region around Charlotte, NC. This work was done on behalf of the Centralina Council of Governments as part of their Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) efforts.  The CREC team identified industry value chains for the region’s identified targeted manufacturing industries, then explored the components of several major clusters to which industries are connected to one another within the clusters and the nature of their relationship.  The CREC team inventoried the existing support organizations and resources that help existing manufactures thrive in the Charlotte region. CREC assessed the strengths and gaps in the Charlotte region’s manufacturing resources and ecosystem, and mapped company information and the existing manufacturing assets.

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About the Client

Centralina Regional Council

The Centralina Council of Governments (CCOG) is located in the Central Piedmont of North Carolina and encompasses nine counties and 74 municipalities, representing almost two million people and headquartered in the City of Charlotte.