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Business and Higher Education Forum (BHEF) Project

Business and Higher Education Forum
Start Date: Oct 2019 — End Date: Dec 2019

The Business and Higher Education Forum (BHEF), the Greater Washington Partnership (GWP) and the Business Roundtable are well established organizations connecting business, university and non-profit partners in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia region (DMV). These organizations aim to increase the number of high-quality, transparent and affordable pathways to the attainment and updating of Digital Technology skills in the region. If they are successful, they will help businesses and STEM workers in the DMV stay up to date in a rapidly changing marketplace for digital skills and technologies. CREC will work with BHEF and GWP to execute a three-month process of data collection, triangulation, validation to demonstrate how a trusted intermediary, like the BHEF or GWP, can accelerate the speed and impact of regional coordination processes. CREC will lead survey design and analysis, focus groups and interviews to help the team in its planning phase under the National Science Foundation (NSF) Convergence Accelerator project, which will position BHEF to pitch for up to $5 million in implementation funding in 2020.

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Business and Higher Education Forum

The Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) is the nation’s oldest membership organization of Fortune 500 CEOs, college and university presidents, and other leaders dedicated to the creation of a highly skilled future workforce. BHEF members collaborate and form strategic partnerships to build new undergraduate pathways; improve alignment between higher education and the workforce; and produce a […]