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Project Profile

Counting Postsecondary and Secondary Credentials in the US, Credential Engine, 2017-2018

George Washington University Institute of Public Policy
Start Date: Oct 2017 — End Date: Feb 2019

CREC collaborated with the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy to determine a typology and count of U.S. credentials for Credential Engine—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to promoting transparency and credential literacy in the marketplace to reveal the world of credentials and inform the public. The project included preparing a comprehensive list of websites that aggregate postsecondary credentials, noting each website’s information and reliability, and using that data to identify an estimate of the number of postsecondary credentials in the U.S. Ultimately, Credential Engine would like to make this information both accessible to the public and customizable for parties such as industry groups. The report was published on the Credential Engine website.

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About the Client

George Washington University Institute of Public Policy

The George Washington Institute of Public Policy (GWIPP) serves as a university-wide nexus for faculty and graduate students engaging in research on important public policy issues. We also play a unique dual role among policy research institutes in the United States. Our team of research faculty engage in funded research on a variety of domestic […]

Project Updates

New report out for Credential Engine
April 20, 2018

New report out for Credential Engine, with research produced by Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness and the George Washington University Institute of Public Policy “Counting U.S. Secondary and Postsecondary Credentials“