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Whether researching and implementing ways to shape a community's economic development plan or partnering to create ways to put people to work, CREC connects researchers and policymakers with:

     • Data training
     • Custom portfolios that aid regional competitiveness

Project Profile

Increasing Labor Market Data Use for Career Pathways Intermediaries and Practitioners

Gates Foundation
Start Date: Oct 2021 — End Date: Jan 2024

CREC is supporting support cross-state labor data linkages by increasing the data capabilities (e.g., training; access) among Gates-supported regional Pathways intermediaries through state agency partnerships that galvanize systems-level change. CREC seeks to enable secure access to individual-level outcomes data through aligned data sharing agreements and strengthening relationships between approximately 14 Pathway intermediaries and their respective regional/state data providers. CREC also is providing technical assistance, training, and tools to increase intermediary capacity to translate data and evidence, especially workforce data, into actionable improvement in regional pathways structures.

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