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Project Profile

Investing in Maryland’s Clean Tech Sector

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Start Date: Feb 2019 — End Date: Oct 2019

The Maryland Energy Innovation Institute (MEI2) seeks to grow the state’s clean tech sector and leverage resources to deploy new technologies.  MEI2’s authorizing legislation charges the institute with preparing a report on state of energy innovation in Maryland, benchmarking the state to others and providing recommendations for action.  CREC is assisting MEI2 developing this report by developing a flowing of funding for clean energy spending in five states (MD, CO, NY, MI, and CT); advising on a strategy of how best to fund Maryland initiatives to strengthen investment in early stage clean energy activities; and providing support in structuring and writing the final report.

Research & Planning

About the Client

Maryland Energy Innovation Institute

The Maryland Energy Innovation Institute will provide a platform to catalyze basic research into new technology while stimulating economic growth and improving millions of lives across the state of Maryland. The Institute will bring together science, industry, government and economic leaders to develop new energy technologies and facilitate the transfer of technology ideas into a […]