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Project Profile

North Carolina’s Education Agenda: Future Missions of the University of North Carolina in Knowledge Asset-Building

University of North Carolina General Administration
Start Date: Apr 2006 — End Date: Dec 2006

The University of North Carolina (UNC) engaged Eva Klein & Associates, Ltd. (EKA) working in collaboration with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness and Gottlieb and Associates to conduct preliminary analyses for the purpose of designing a study to answer the question: “What do the people of North Carolina need from their University for the future?” The team’s mandate was to conduct academically oriented research and to deploy a consultation process with constituents in an effort to define issues that should form a study of mission, vision, or agenda for the University. The resulting two-volume study provides the foundation for UNC’s efforts to transform into a “demand-driven” university during the next two decades.

About the Client

University of North Carolina General Administration

UNC General Administration houses the offices of the president and senior administrative staff for the University. This core administrative staff executes the policies of the Board of Governors and provides University-wide leadership in the areas of academic affairs, business and financial management, long-range planning, student affairs, research, legal affairs, and government relations. UNC-GA also has administrative oversight […]