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Project Profile

SOLID Project

Solutions for Information Design
Start Date: Jun 2019 — End Date: Jun 2019

CREC is providing support for Solutions for Information Design LLC with the development of a report that highlights trends in veterans’ attainment of certifications and licenses and associated earnings, with an emphasis on post 9/11 veterans. Utilizing a new data set derived from the 2016 – 2018 Current Population Survey (CPS), CREC is reviewing the prevalence and impact of certifications and licenses on veterans, across industry and occupation as well as the demographic categories of age, sex, ethnicity/race, and educational attainment. This report may provide useful information for veterans and workforce institutions, especially for stakeholders in the Department of Defense committed to providing educational and job training opportunities to service members preparing to enter the civilian workforce.

Research & Planning

About the Client

Solutions for Information Design

Established in 2003, Solutions for Information Design, LLC (SOLID) is a woman-owned small business helping organizations manage one of their most important assets – information. SOLID is founded on the concept that effective collection, analysis, and dissemination of relevant information are key components of organizational success. SOLID provides social science research and analysis to support […]

Project Updates

New Report: Certifications and Licenses Attainment and Earnings for the Veteran Workforce
August 27, 2019

This report describes veterans’ attainment of certifications and licenses, with an emphasis on post-9/11 veterans. Utilizing a new data set derived from the 2016-2018 Current Population Survey (CPS), the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) examined veterans’ attainment of certifications and licenses and associated earnings. CREC SOLID Veterans Certifications and License Report 09042019