Transforming Data into Intelligence for Workforce Development Program Success
Saturday, March 12, 2016
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM

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With so much data and so few resources, workforce boards must focus attention on the investments that can have the greatest impact on employers and jobseekers alike. Workforce boards must address high demand industries and occupations, while also providing good advice to jobseekers about what is possible; to businesses about what skills are available and what wages their competitors are paying; and to education and training providers about where to invest their limited resources in relevant curricula.

This session focuses on data driven decision making, identifying available resources and providing hands-on exercises to make you more analytic in using labor market information and program performance data to set appropriate strategic goals and develop and deliver effective workforce programs and practices. The session requires participants to bring a laptop and to have some facility with Excel.

Lindsay Johnson, Program Assistant, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, Arlington, VA
Martin Romitti, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, Arlington, VA
Ken Ryan, Partner, FutureWork Systems, Ringwood, NJ
Geoff Smith, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, FutureWork Systems, Tucson, AZ
Haden Springer, Manager of Technical Assistance and Training, Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, Arlington, VA