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Whether researching and implementing ways to shape a community's economic development plan or partnering to create ways to put people to work, CREC connects researchers and policymakers with:

     • Data training
     • Custom portfolios that aid regional competitiveness

What We Do

Project Catalogue

Counting U.S. Secondary and Postsecondary Credentials 2022-23
Credential Engine
Start Date: Jan 2022 — End Date: Mar 2023

CREC continues its work in generating a national count of unique credentials available for American workers.  The count provides the number of credentials by type and by state.  CREC is conducting research on certain credential segments to better understand patterns of credentialing in certain key industries.  CREC will provide a national report on the status […]

Jobs and Employment Data Exchange (JEDx)
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF)
Start Date: Mar 2021 — End Date: Mar 2023

The JEDx initiative seeks to develop a public-private approach for collecting and using standards-based jobs and employment data. CREC’s role was to assist the Chamber as it facilitated engagement of a network of several state pilot partners to Unemployment Insurance records as a foundation for a more comprehensive employment record that can lower employer costs […]

Community Indicators Consortium
Community Indicators Consortium
Start Date: Jan 2021 — End Date: Dec 2022

The Community Indicators Consortium (CIC) is a global network that supports efforts to use community data to improve quality of life. CIC provides resources and tools to help communities and practitioners advance the practice and effective use of community indicators. The includes increasing the use of indicators for monitoring community conditions and advancing sustainability, promoting […]

Facilitating a Manufacturing Playbook with the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Advisory Council
Team Pennsylvania
Start Date: Jul 2021 — End Date: Dec 2022

Working closely with Sparks Policy Group, CREC supported the work of the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Advisory Council. CREC helped to facilitate the council meetings and working group sessions to develop recommendations on how best to strengthen manufacturing in the Commonwealth. CREC provided supportive policy and economic research while also helping the Council members refine their recommendations. […]

Synchronist Suite
Blane Canada Ltd.
Start Date: Mar 2021 — End Date: Dec 2022

Synchronist shifted business retention away from a singular focus on community issues to include an understanding of the company and how it fits into the fabric of the community’s economy. Built on pioneering research, competitive intelligence, predictive analysis, national benchmark data, and an organizing, portfolio management principle, Synchronist Suite allows users to maximize the value […]