Plan Your Economic Future

CREC facilitates meaningful conversations between public and private sector leaders to identify and evaluate chronic or emerging economic and workforce challenges.
Addressing those challenges involves:

• Collaborative strategies that generate stakeholder consensus
• Customized, growth-oriented solutions
• Developing and implementing plans

Customized Planning

Sustainable, effective plans require thought, energy, and crucial stakeholder buy-in. CREC’s planning process evolves based on each project, and we recognize that planning builds on past efforts. For every project, CREC facilitates your efforts by helping you:

  • Create jobs
  • Generate economic prosperity
  • Ensure that you can successfully manage the ongoing implementation process

Guiding Your Region for Decades to Come

Beyond leading the economic planning process, our staff is also trained to help regional leaders:

  • Facilitate stakeholder meetings with the goals of achieving issue consensus and/or plan buy-in
  • Bring private and public sector leaders together to have effective conversations and develop consensus around important issues
  • Develop tailored case examples that highlight best practices from regions with similar challenges
  • Establish benchmarks for success and processes for measuring them

For more information about past experiences putting together economic or workforce development strategies and implementation plans, please feel free to reach out to our CEO, Ken Poole, directly at

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LMI Director’s Town Hall Meeting (2014, 2015, 2016)
Labor Market Information Institute
Start Date: May 2014 — End Date: May 2016

The Labor Market Information (LMI) Institute supported the LMI Directors’ Town Hall Meeting by developing the agenda and curriculum, delivering and facilitating the meeting, providing a meeting evaluation form, administering a follow-up survey, and producing a summary report.

Mountain West Community Revitalization Plan
Southwestern Commission Council of Governments
Start Date: Jan 2015 — End Date: Dec 2015

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) partnered with the University of Northern Iowa’s Institute for Decision Making (IDM) to complete a Community Revitalization Plan as part of the America’s Best Communities Prize Competition. Building on past strategic planning efforts and public engagement for this effort, the team developed a planning document that focused on […]

Enhancing User Access to Available Labor Market Information
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Start Date: Apr 2014 — End Date: May 2015

This research sought to catalogue the current state of practice in intra-state data sharing (data sharing among stakeholders within a state). It was also designed to recognize and catalyze efforts that try to balance the data confidentiality needs of individuals and employer taxpayers with the important role employment and wage data could play in strengthening policymakers’ statistical and program evaluation activities.

Analyzing the Supply Chain and Value System of Charlotte Manfacturing
Centralina Regional Council
Start Date: Nov 2014 — End Date: Feb 2015

CREC identified industry value chains for the region's targeted manufacturing industries, explored the components of several major clusters, determined which industries were are connected to one another within the clusters and the nature of their relationship.

Destination Erie Regional Planning Initiative
The County of Erie, Pennsylvania
Start Date: Jul 2012 — End Date: Jan 2015

CREC, and partners, worked with the Task Force leaders of "Destination Erie" initiative to build early momentum for implementing their comprehensive regional development plan.