Train Your Leaders

CREC has developed extensive professional development curricula, implemented in-person or through web-delivery, for economic and workforce development staff on basic principles of data use, development, economic analysis, labor market information, and economic policy implementation. Trainings are offered in partnership with C2ER, the LMI Institute, and APDU.

CREC's trainings range from economic impact analysis to GIS instruction. CREC also develops customized economic and data trainings to meet client needs.

Train Your Leaders

The Center for Regional Economic Competitievness provides trainings for principles of data use in that support:

        Economic and workforce development | Economic analysis | Labor market assessments | Economic policy implementation

Example: Meeting Real-World Needs Via Training

For the Economic Developers’ Conference of Ontario, for instance, CREC staff, working through C2ER, developed a customized two-tiered curriculum to assist policy-makers of various levels of expertise effectively approach regional collaboration and data-driven economic development planning. The curricula were informed and enhanced by the production of ten original case examples, which portrayed recent planning success and failures from across North America.

Additionally, through C2ER and the LMI Institute, CREC can provide clients with access to the Annual C2ER/ LMI Research Forums: five day conferences made up of dozens of panels, trainings, and lectures discussing the most pressing issues in economic development. Our 2011 training was held in San Francisco, California, and brought together hundreds of policy-makers and researchers from around the globe. Information on our past and future conferences can be found at:

Our staff provides expertise and technical assistance by:

  • Evaluating course strengths and weaknesses
  • Piloting new material
  • Developing new content, or migrating material to a web-delivery or more interactive format

Attend one of our training sessions, provided through our partner organizations:

         The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER)  |  Labor Market Institute (LMI)  |  Association of Public Data Users (APDU)

For more information about CREC’s scheduled trainings, customized training, curriculum, and case study development, please contact Program Manager, Ron Kelly, at

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