Helping Communities Shine

Whether researching and implementing ways to shape a community's economic development plan or partnering to create ways to put people to work, CREC connects researchers and policymakers with:

     • Data training
     • Custom portfolios that aid regional competitiveness

Project Profile

Assisting College Leaders In Using Labor Market Data to Drive Education and Training Curriculum

Fayetteville Technical Community College
Start Date: Jan 1970 — End Date: Jan 1970

CREC is helping FTCC leadership and staff translate data about labor market trends into more demand-driven curriculum plans that recognize key labor market opportunities as an important criterion in allocating limited college resources. Through this effort, CREC is reviewing how FTCC uses data in their curriculum planning process and is facilitating working sessions with the Board, senior staff, and faculty on developing a research agenda to support their curriculum development and tapping available data to drive strategic and program-specific decisions about the skills and competencies to be taught.

Technical Assistance