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The best policies are based on data-driven research, using engaged, diverse stakeholders and by fostering thought that motivates people to think regionally. It is a process that CREC has done successfully since 2009, and it has helped expand our client base and grow communities. Clients vary from single municipalities and private-sector firms:

• Cities • Think tanks
• States • National organizations

Client Profile

Business Leaders for Michigan

Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) is the state’s business roundtable, composed of the chairpersons, CEOs or most senior executives of the state’s largest job providers and universities. Together, our members power one-third of the state’s economy and educate nearly one-half of the state’s university students, which makes us a powerful driver for economic development and change.

BLM’s work is concentrated on developing strategy, raising awareness, advocating policy and championing initiatives that grow the state’s economy. Our members know what it takes to make the economy grow and create new jobs, and they’ve distilled that knowledge into the Plan for a Stronger Michigan, a comprehensive strategy for making Michigan a “Top Ten” state for jobs, personal income and a healthy economy. Our organizational activities are geared toward achieving the goals outlined in that plan.

What’s more, we keep our focus on the cutting edge by continually researching and benchmarking new data and strategies that can help advance Michigan’s growth.

BLM is a private, nonprofit organization. We communicate our agenda through a variety of ways including two political action committees.

Project Catalogue

Michigan Business Incentives Competitiveness Evaluation
Start Date: Jan 2013 — End Date: Jan 2014

To support Michigan’s business attraction and retention as well as overall economic development effort, Business Development Advisors (BDA) and CREC developed recommendations for Business Leaders for Michigan to better align the state’s incentive policies with its economic development objectives in the new economy. To achieve this goal, CREC conducted a detailed examination of Michigan’s incentive […]