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The best policies are based on data-driven research, using engaged, diverse stakeholders and by fostering thought that motivates people to think regionally. It is a process that CREC has done successfully since 2009, and it has helped expand our client base and grow communities. Clients vary from single municipalities and private-sector firms:

• Cities • Think tanks
• States • National organizations

Client Profile

Southwestern Commission Council of Governments

The Southwestern Commission was created in November 1965 by concurrent, joint resolution of the counties and municipalities within the seven county region. It was within this same time period that COGs all across the U.S. were formed. Initially, the driving factor behind this movement was money.  Between 1965 and 1975, state legislatures and the US Congress created thousands of grant-in-aid programs totaling billions of dollars in funds available to local governments. Funds were appropriated for water supplies, sewer systems, housing, solid waste, emergency medicine, juvenile delinquency, recreation, health care, law enforcement, economic development, job training, senior citizens services and a plethora of other purposes.

Project Catalogue

Mountain West Community Revitalization Plan
Start Date: Jan 2015 — End Date: Dec 2015

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) partnered with the University of Northern Iowa’s Institute for Decision Making (IDM) to complete a Community Revitalization Plan as part of the America’s Best Communities Prize Competition. Building on past strategic planning efforts and public engagement for this effort, the team developed a planning document that focused on […]