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Counting U.S. Secondary and Postsecondary Credentials 2022-23

Credential Engine
Start Date: Jan 2022 — End Date: Mar 2023

CREC continued its work in generating a national count of unique credentials available for American workers. The count provides the number of credentials by type and by state. CREC conducted research on certain credential segments to better understand patterns of credentialing in certain key industries. CREC provided a national report on the status of credentials and recommendations for improving credential transparency to help those seeking skills valued in the marketplace.

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About the Client

Credential Engine

CREC proposes to continue its work in counting credentials, but we also seek to generate a more thorough understanding of the accessibility of credentials for Americans by counting the number of credentials by state, examining the types of credentials offered, and better understanding what organizations offer these credentials.  In addition, CREC seeks to conduct preliminary […]