About CREC

The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization founded to provide policy-makers from around the world with the information and technical assistance they need to formulate and execute innovative, regional, job-creating economic strategies.

Our staff members come from around the globe, bringing with them diverse backgrounds, and world-class skill sets.

CREC staff

Monika Mardula
Senior Program Manager


Monika Mardula is a Senior Program Manager and Chief Technology officer for Synchronist Suite Software tools for CREC. She has been on Blane, Canada’s Synchronist development team since the original online version was developed in 2004-2005. Today, through successive promotions, she is the software engineer responsible for the development, maintenance, and reliability of the Synchronist Suite software. She works with the executive team, to set and achieve the company’s technology strategy. Then, she works with the software development team to produce a platform merging – customer acquisition and retention, product roadmap development, infrastructure and platform development – that aligns with this business strategy.

Among other things, Ms. Mardula is an expert in quality assurance testing, client-side analytics and reporting tools, as well as trouble shooting and high-level (Level 3) technical support.

As the leader responsible for growing the company’s technology infrastructure, she can dive into the details while providing strategic, technical, and operating expertise and guidance, and bringing creativity, vision, and passion to the technology solutions.

Before joining CREC, Ms. Mardula worked at Blane, Canada Ltd. in various technology roles including web design, broadcast email communications, software programming, and program interface design. Ms. Mardula was also a website developer and Oracle database designer for GolfServ Online, Inc. where she was anointed “Rookie of the Year”.

Ms. Mardula holds a BS in Computer Information System Design from DePaul University, Chicago, IL.

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