Helping Communities Shine

Whether researching and implementing ways to shape a community's economic development plan or partnering to create ways to put people to work, CREC connects researchers and policymakers with:

     • Data training
     • Custom portfolios that aid regional competitiveness

What We Do

Project Catalogue

Developing Regional Ecosystems to Support Recovery-to-Work
Appalachian Regional Commission
Start Date: Nov 2019 — End Date: Apr 2021

CREC is providing technical assistance and generating lessons learned from the experience in local development districts (LDDs) in how to help businesses and individuals succeed in their recovery from substance abuse disorder.  Providing staff support to the Development District Association of Appalachia (DDAA), CREC is helping four LDDs through a year-long process of articulating the […]

DDAA Rural Broadband and EDA CARES Act Funding Peer Best Practices Research Report
Development District Association of Appalachia
Start Date: Oct 2020 — End Date: Mar 2021

The Development District Association of Appalachia contracted with CREC to gain insights about local development district efforts to improve their respective regions – specifically, to better understand local development district uses of CARES funding as well as to gain insights on best practices in promoting rural broadband.  The project will provide DDAA members with best […]

MIT Work for the Future
MIT Work of the Future
Start Date: May 2019 — End Date: Feb 2021

CREC worked closely with Dr. Elisabeth Reynolds and Dr. Paul Osterman to investigate how Detroit’s education and training delivery systems adapted to technological and pedagogical advances as well as how they contributed to equality in opportunity and social inclusion – the future of the “mobility sector”. CREC helped Dr. Paul Osterman’s research by creating an […]

Strategy Guidance Note on the Promotion of Public Sector Data Sharing
United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration
Start Date: Dec 2020 — End Date: Jan 2021

CREC developed a Strategy Guidance Note and related global case studies on data sharing as a principle of sound policymaking which can contribute to strengthening the effectiveness of institutions. The United Nations Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA) has developed a set of principles of effective governance for sustainable development to provide practical, expert […]

Counting the Prevalence of Post-secondary Certifications and Licenses 2018-2020
Lumina Foundation
Start Date: Nov 2018 — End Date: Dec 2020

CREC, worked in collaboration with the Labor Market Information Institute, provided information about the prevalence of certifications and licenses to students, parents, faculty, individual workers, business leaders, policymakers, and members of the public.  CREC created state-level data from analyzing micro-data of national surveys highlight how prevalent certifications and licenses are for different industries and occupations, […]